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  • Usually reduces liver inflammation & discomfort within an hour;
  • Repeat applications relieve most discomfort within a month;
  • Treatment is experimental & privately funded;
  • Not sponsored or accepted by VA.

DDT, Dioxin, and Agent Orange are lipophilic toxins. They pollute the lipids or fats in your body and make you sick. Toxins stored in fats are difficult to release. Most treatments make symptoms worse.

This three minute video provides an introduction to our program.

Lipophilic Detox

We propose that lipophilic dilution cleansing is a safe and effective method to reduce the toxin concentrations in the liver and body.

The model is simple. Think about the oil in your car’s engine. When the oil is dirty, you change it, replacing dirty oil with fresh. The old dirty oil is drained and discarded. If you put a cup of dioxin in your car’s engine, and changed the oil, very little dioxin would remain after even a single oil change. 

The human body is different. You can’t drain the oil. This cleanse slowly replaces the cellular-membrane lipids by continuously over-supplying ideal lipids. It is like adding a little fresh oil to your car every day, and letting the over-flow escape to dispose of the dirty oil. The oil gets cleaner, just not all at once. 

In other words, if we add ¼ pounds of unpolluted lipids to the body in a day, in a form guaranteed to integrate into the cell membranes, we will dilute the toxins. The overflow lipids will be discarded by the liver as bile. The systemic result will be a decreased concentration of lipophilic toxins in the cell.

This special class of molecules is called phospholipids. These molecules are immediately integrated into the cell wall, and are available as extracts of common foods. They are absolutely non-toxic in any amount.

The Detoxification Challenge

Normal detoxification protocols often cause serious side effects for individuals with Agent Orange exposure. As a result, standard detoxification, fasting, and other well known approaches rarely work for Agent Orange. Toxin-release symptoms are unbearably severe for most.

General purpose detoxification liberates toxins. The freed toxins trigger serious, often unbearable, illness, and overload the body’s elimination pathways.

The lipophilic detox releases lipid-bound toxins by releasing the lipids. Keeping the lipids intact enables the toxins to stay tied up. This means the toxins don’t have as much ability to wreak havoc, or overload the elimination pathways.

That’s why the program uses large quantities of dietary fat. The high fat intake keeps the liberated toxins tied up, and increases the likelihood that the toxins will exit the bowel without re-absorption.

PEMF Symptom Relief

Liver inflammation is a very common symptom of agent orange. The liver is the filter for lipophilic toxins which accumulate mostly in the liver. As a result the liver is most affected by Agent Orange exposure.

Pulsed magnetic fields decrease liver inflammation quickly, often in minutes. 

Pulsed fields electrically massage liver cells. The massage causes a cellular opening of the cell walls called electroporation. Electroporation enables trapped inflammation, and often toxins to escape. This release provides relief. Results last from three to five days, and repeated PEMF therapy often provides substantial relief.

Drugs don’t work because they challenge the already damaged liver, and make a bad problem worse. This explains why conventional therapies have such poor results. Anti-inflammatory drugs for liver inflammation are a lot like giving a drowning person a glass of water. 

If you’d like to review scientific articles, this page contains links to about 100 scientifically credible peer reviewed articles that show significant bio-therapeutic results from using Magnetic Fields. In other words, our observation that PEMF reduce inflammation is no surprise, if you’re a scientific researcher. 

Magnetic fields are well known in diagnostic medicine, and they are considered safe, even at extreme intensities used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

PEMF and Cell Physiology

Each cell is surrounded by a thin lipid bilayer membrane. The membrane has a voltage, 70 mV. The external electrical field interacts with the cells regular mechanics producing therapeutic effects:

  • PEMF flexes cell membranes to enable change. The external field interacts with the cell's native field causing reversing pulsed forces outward and then inward. This "tapping" physically flexes the cell wall and stimulates normal cellular metabolism, including toxin release. The flexing helps cells to reestablish normal nutrient and toxin flow into the milieu, or cell environment. Research literature indicates that observed benefits result stimulation helps liver cells to deflate and release a percentage of toxins that disrupt normal function; 
  • Damaged or weakened cells have diminished cell energy. This diminished energy results in a weaker Trans-Membrane Potential, or TMP. Pulsing raises the TMP of the cell. An increase in the TMP helps the cells re-establish normal function.

The Combined Approach

Therapy combines lipid-dilution cleansing with PEMF. Therapeutic quantities of essential phospholipids/anti-oxidant cocktails, and other nutrients to facilitate lipophilic toxin release. 

These elements trigger systemic lipid replacement enabling incremental dilution, turnover and release of stored lipophilic toxins. 

We recommend between five and twenty pounds of concentrated phospholipids in conjunction with a high-fat diet to reduce systemic toxicity. Since this is a lot of lipids, it will take several months to complete the detoxification schedule. This program is very different from dogmatic low-fat diets, and more closely resembles the highly effective Atkins program for weight loss.

Subject should NOT be on a calorie restricted diet during the detoxification. A reduced calorie diet may cause the subject to re-absorb the released toxin-bearing lipids resulting in re-contamination. We suggest that low-fat and reduced fat diets are a cofactor in lipophilic toxin accumulation.

The combination of these approaches is designed to provide both symptomatic and curative relief for lipophilic toxin diseases. 

The Project

This is a private and personally funded project. In the context of health care, the program is inexpensive. 

We estimate that the lipophilic detoxification program will cost between $500 and $1500. The pulsed magnetic machines run about $24K US. We’d like to setup treatment groups to share cost.

Most individuals experience compelling results within hours our days. Clients can purchase the equipment for home use for about $24K. Lipophilic detoxification supplements are available ongoing on an as-needed basis. The program is non-toxic.

If you're a VA care provider, call us. We’ll do everything we can to help you determine if this therapy will help your veterans. The equipment is small and a single system can support about 100 veterans.

If you’re interested in helping veterans, we need financial support. VA physician inquires are welcome.

Research Sponsorship

The absence effective care for Agent Orange and dioxin victims is a national concern. If you’d like to sponsor a veteran, please contact us. We know plenty of veterans who need your help.

If you would like to underwrite research, our biggest need is to document why the program works so that we can present the scientific basis to VA doctors. Our immediate research goal is to document and optimize the mechanism and rate of toxin release.

Physical treatment

Initial treatment takes about ten minutes. A wire probe is wrapped around the lower rib cage. Sharply pulsed electricity is induced in the probe. The pulses stimulate liver cells and reduce inflammation.

Physically the treatment causes mild energetic sensations with each pulse. The treatment is not painful, but it's not "pleasant" either. The pulse generator makes popping sound at each pulse. Most individuals will feel minor spasms in the back, shoulders and neck. Electromagnetic exposure is nearly identical to having an MRI.

Most people report a decrease in arthritis, neck and back pain immediately after treatment. Relief lasts for about three days.

Individuals with pacemakers or implanted electrical devices cannot use this treatment.

Lipophilic detoxification uses phospholipids. Phospholipids are foods that make up the majority of the cell membranes. A normal diet does not provide enough phospholipids to enable therapeutic lipophilic toxin dilution. 

Agent Orange is Refractory (non responsive to drug therapy)

Agent Orange toxicity is refractory to drugs. This means that drugs don't to help. The reason is simple:

  • Most drugs are foreign substances and are toxins themselves. The liver is the major toxin filter. Giving toxins makes the problem worse by creating more work for the liver that can’t do its job in the first place.
  • This phenomenon explains why conventional treatment produces inadequate results for Agent Orange, dioxin and other lipophilic toxin related disorders.

The therapeutic requirement for AO, as well as any liver treatment is to use approaches that provide benefit without making the problem worse.

Agent Orange Toxins

They pollute cellular lipids or fats. Lipids are essential to all life on earth. Since plants have much less fat than humans, a very small amount of lipophilic toxin is fatal to plants because a small amount of poison fatally damages the plant’s metabolism. This is why they are effective defoliants. 

Plants and humans both have lipid membranes. The majority of lipophilic toxins disrupt cell membrane function. Cell membrane dysfunction leads to disease in humans and death in plants.

Small amounts don’t immediately harm humans both because we have a much higher percentage of lipids, and because we metabolize lipids much more rapidly than plants do. Over time, the same biochemical dysfunctions that kill plants make people sick. The unfortunate result is long-term illness for many.

Lipophilic toxins accumulate in the liver. Lipophilic toxins normally cause liver-related illness and symptoms including high cholesterol, diabetes, hepatitis and more.

Research Proposal

During the Viet Nam war the US sprayed about 20 million gallons of Agent Orange, or dioxin, over Viet Nam. During that same time approximately 3 million service people were stationed there. We estimate that at least 1 million service people were exposed to Agent Orange. 

The connection between Agent Orange and health issues was denied by both the Veterans Administration until forced by congress in 1991. In spite of law is an ongoing trend for Veteran’s Administration to provide ineffective care veteran’s health issues related to Agent Orange.

The cause of the trend is two-fold. First, denial enables avoidance of a huge financial liability for Agent Orange related illness. Second health care providers simply don’t know how to care for individuals with Agent Orange related symptoms. Lipid toxicology is unknown in the US health care system. Doctors just don’t know what to do.

Standard treatments tend to make symptoms worse. 

This research proposal suggests methods for treating Agent Orange related symptoms based on well known science.

   Copyright 2005-2009, All Rights Reserved, Mark Squibb
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