Hair Restoration Protocol

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Hair Restoration Protocol

Individuals with anabolic metabolism deficiency often experience protein metabolism challenges resulting in hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the hair follicles lose access to the nutrients or oxygen required to maintain active growth, or when metabolic nutrient absorption delivers too many toxins for survival.

Metabolic Correction Recommendations:

Hair loss is normally driven by a combination of several conditions:

  • Enzyme excess, where the free floating enzymes digest protein structures (not typical with anabolic); If you are taking large amounts of enzymes, then reduce enzyme intake to see if it reduces hair loss. Otherwise the probable reason for hair loss is:
  • An insufficent nutrient substrate to support hair follicle health and hair growth. This is usually a result of deficient protein and mineral absorption resulting from compromised protein digestion or low protein diet.
  • Capillary blocking due to venous-side edema, addressible with OMST Low Blood Pressure treatment.

Protein Challenge Model

  1. Repair Protein Digestion -- Betaine Protocol. Protein digestion deficiency is a double hit.
  2. the deficiency of stomach acid, cuased usually by viral/CWD pathogens suck chlorine inside cells, causes a deficiency in serum chlorine levels.
  3. The absence of free chlorine prevents the stomach from being able to make HCL -- depressed availability of chlorine causes failure in stomach-digestive ionization;
  4. Poor ionization and hence protein digestion results in collateral deficiencies in mineral and protein, and partial failure of many protein utilizing systems, hair growth, immune system, and so on;
  5. Also there is increased susceptiblity to lower gut challenge, including food allergies when un-ionized proteins escape the gut triggering the immune system to clean up.

Repair Model:

  1. Betaine Protocol.- repair ionization;
  2. Raw Gelatin Protein - 1 Tablespoon mixed with chicken, beef or vegetable stock as a broth.
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