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Anabolic Support


The Anabolic Support program uses supplements to aid natural anabolic metabolism. Cell Owners Manual for more information on cell membrane, lipids and anabolic performance.

Toxic infiltration of the cell membrane structures prevents sufficient membrane voltage and limits healing performance.

Inadequate membrane voltage prevents cells from entering anabolic metabolic healing mode, which limits repair and contributes to age-related cellular degeneration. The degeneration decreases cellular life span, drives turnover, and causes age.

Cell vs Neuro Sleep

Sleep is a both cellular and neurological phenomenon. Neurological sleep suspends consciousness while cellular sleep enables the body to repair. In other words brain sleep is not body sleep.

Neurological sleep aids, quiet the nervous system by inhibitory neurotransmitters. These have a modest, if any, effect, on the body's regeneration processes.


Two Parts

This protocol is one of two systems that target repair of different complements of anabolic metabolism.

This protocol is often sufficient to restore natural cellular anabolic/healing metabolism unless lipid toxins limit the response. This protocol also accelerates recovery from trauma or injury.

Partial Response

A limited response means that there are too many lipid toxins in cellular lipid structures. These toxins physically leak enough energy to prevent/limit cellular anabolic metabolism.

If this protocol does not work, it means that "lipid detoxification" is needed. See PC Detox protocol.

In simple terms, improving the metabolic signal almost always improves the quality of sleep. Likewise, improving the "hydrophilic" detox process reduces lipid toxin accumulation which weakens the cell membranes.

Anabolic Limits - Water vs Lipid

Cellular anabolic metabolism is triggered when chemical signals trigger (water soluble messenger molecules) a mode change in the cell (in lipid/fat structures in the cells).

In other words sleep/anabolic triggering is a two part system. Anabolic system degeneration usually means both parts of the process are inhibited.

This protocol uses hydrophilic (water soluble) agents to support the natural cellular sleep. There are two processes:

  • Enhance the messaging mechanisms to shift cells to anabolic/asleep mode;
  • Enhance the "water soluble" detoxification pathways.

An incomplete response to this protocol means that the cell membranes are polluted and leak enough energy to limit or prevent anabolic-healing. This energy loss limits the anabolic-repair metabolism. When this occurs, lipid detoxification is necessary.

Lipid detoxification, PC Detox, is a slower process where dietary fats "wash out" cellular lipid structures, membranes. This protocol takes 2-6 months.

Anabolic Metabolism Science

This short presentation provides describes an electro-physiology model for the cell membranes role in anabolic metabolism.

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The Energy - Sleep Connection

PEMF is often very helpful to reestablish cellular anabolic/growth metabolism. The energetic deposit to Trans membrane Potential, TMP, improves anabolic regeneration.

In healthy tissue, not limited by toxins, or nutrient depletion, healing occurs at warp speed, often up to 10x normal. These healing rates approximate tissue regeneration capability of young children. Healing acceleration is result tends to be consistent because "peripheral tissue", joints, muscles, etc. do not tend to store toxins which "leak healing energy", like core metabolism tissue, liver and organs.

Energy that charges the metabolic core, improves sleep. An absence of sleep improvement means that cells are leaking energy too fast to enable cells to reach the "anabolic energy level" needed for self repair.

Needless to say, this is one cause of age related degeneration. Did you ever notice some "older" people don't look old? This is likely because their metabolic detoxification processes work well enough to preserve anabolic metabolism.

In simple terms, they sleep well, and their bodies heal effectively, and they don't get old as fast. Did you ever ask them what they eat? Most of the time they have "high fat" diets, rich in sterols, balanced with nutrient/color rich foods.

Energy Loss, Degeneration &Age

Degeneration follows a sequence:

  1. Toxic stress overloads one or more detox systems;
  2. Toxins accumulate in cell lipid structures;
  3. Toxins electrically weaken cell membranes and cause energy loss;
  4. Lowered membrane voltage decreases cell anabolic metabolism;
  5. Cellular potassium availability decreases & lipid digestion decreases;
  6. Lipid deficiency contributes to electrically weak membranes goto 4).
  7. Healing further decreases & damage accumulates;
  8. More damage than healing is degeneration;
  9. Get old, discomfort, and so on...

Degeneration Stage Matrix in more detail correlating disease to membrane toxin accumulation.

Understanding the Response

An incomplete response to this protocol means that the cell membranes are polluted and leak too much energy. This energy loss limits the anabolic-repair metabolism.

  • How much inhibition results from degenerate signal response;
  • The degree of anabolic dysfunction resulting from lipid toxin infiltration.

Urine Surface Tension

The degree of catabolic imbalance is measurable. Dr. Revici used Urine surface tension to measure elimination of anti-anabolic toxins.

These agents appear in the urine as low surface tension. Low urine surface tension is caused by oxidized (usually chlorinated) lipids discarded by the kidneys. Elevated release of these agents telltales degenerative (catabolic) imbalance, and process.

The normal range for daytime surface tension is 67-69 dyn/cm. Inhibited anabolic metabolism presents with elevated flow of "stress-reagents" in urine.

ePad Sleep Pad

The ePad sleep pad is an electron source. The electrons enter tissue and drift to neutralize free radicals. This phenomenon appears to provide an immediate improvement is sleep quality in about 60% of cases.

The relief of discomfort also helps because pain also limits sleep.Find ePad Sleep

Long term usage seems cumulative. This performance likely reflects tendency to inhibit various pathogen forms which contribute to the catabolic toxin accumulation. Curious health benefits seem to result from longer term usage, including positive effects on libido and normalization of reproductive cycles.

Protocol Model

The protocol uses several agents to aid restoration of the cellular anabolic metabolism:

  • Metabolic alcohols to support sleep signal response;
  • Sulfates to aid removal of catabolic toxins;
  • Dietary antioxidant sterols (tocotrienol oil) to moderate free radicals;
  • Energetic Support to improve membrane potential and moderate free radicals..


The protocol combines a dinner and bedtime protocol and diet high in sterols.

The dinner / with food protocol uses minerals which are more likely to be available during active digestion.

The other reagents, glucosamine sulfate and n-Butyl alcohol aid in both short term triggering, and long-term detoxification to counteract the effects of toxins which inhibit cellular anabolic metabolism. Alcohols are soluble in fats and waters. Glycerol and n-Butyl alcohol aid alignment of cellular lipids into high-strength dielectric structure to support anabolic-repair cellular metabolism.

Supplement Amount
n-Butyl & Glycerol
Droppers (ml)
Neutral alcohols align membrane lipids for optimum anabolic metabolism.
Anabolic Cofactors
Supplies metabolic cofactors which aid healing metabolism.
Tocotrienol Oil
Fat soluble antioxidants aid detoxification and detoxification of cell membrane lipids.
Glucosamine Sulfate
Donates sulfur for dysaerobic detoxification. The glucosamine carbohydrate form aids cellular transition to anabolic metabolism, and connective tissue regeneration.
Metabolic Series
Increases transmembrane potential anabolic membrane voltage threshold. Accelerates healing. Aids cellular detox for water and lipid toxins. Aids liver performance.
ePad Sleep
Under sheet in sleep area
Systemic electron donor. Inhibits opportunistic pathogens by maintaining particle dispersion in fluid lymphatic and serum compartments. Systemic anti-inflammatory.

The dosage chart is color coded to indicate when to take supplements.

Timing Chart

If your weight is not on this chart, add the amounts in the columns for the supplements to determine recommended dose. A blank means 0.

Supplements Dose by Weight (lbs)
Flow C
Anabolic Cofactors
Tocotrienol oil
Solution Kits

Dysaerobic Titration

Extreme dysaerobic imbalance protocol.
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