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The intestines are stocked with a wide range of bacteria.  Many conditions may damage digestive system flora. It is often useful to restore gut flora after resolving the issues which caused it to die off in the first place:

This procedure often helps to restore digestive competence as a result of damaged bowel flora. Common processes that damage gut flora:

  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Chronic Stress that depletes stomach acid.


  • Use spectral probiotics sources which provide as many species as possible
  • Use multiple doses over time to enable repopulation of the bowel
  • Buffer stomach acid to enhance probiotics survival
  • Eat foods which favor flora reproduction
  • Support feed paths, stomach, liver & pancreas to prepare nutrient feedstock

It may be useful to follow this program with a bowel flora reseeding protocol. This involves use of Keifir or yogurt, or probiotics, over a period of time. Here is a bowel restock protocol:

  • Obtain high grade probiotics which contain a spectrum of organisms. Pure acidophilus is helpful, but the gut has many different varieties. 
  • Obtain yogurt or preferably Kefir (available at health food stores. Kefir is preferable because it has more species of probiotics available to more completely repopulate the gut flora).
  • Take at least 3 Billion units of probiotics every ½ hour for three to six hours. Swallow capsules with water with ¼ tsp of baking soda. Baking soda neutralizes stomach acid which enables the more organisms to survive stomach acid.
  • Eat yogurt, Kefir, if tolerated to satisfy hunger.
  • Return to moderate, easy to digest foods the following day.
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