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Deep Cell Detox


The Deep Cell Detox is a deep cleansing technique to improve liver performance. It is designed to help individuals with high levels of nitrate toxins.

Beware, for most people, this protocol produces effective but unpleasant results:

  1. Approximately 1 week of diarrhea;
  2. A potential for vomiting, including bile;
  3. Adverse symptoms until body has finished detox;
  4. Significantly health improvement afterwards.

The protocol uses two substances in a titration:

  • Liposomal Phospholipids / EPL / Lipid Membrane Detox
  • Butyrate - a short chain fatty acid extraced from butter;
  • Titration is a process which gradually increases the an amount until detox occurs.

For most, the cost of the program is about $300-$500 in supplements and takes about 10 days.

Day 1

  1. Take 1 teaspoons EPL; 1 butyrate capsules at breakfast;
  2. Take 1 teaspoons EPL; 1 butyrate capsules at lunch;
  3. Three teaspoons is a tablespoon;
  4. The program may be accelerated by starting at day 3 levels.

Ramp Days

  • Each successive day, until diarrhea, increase EPL by 1 teaspoon at breakfast and lunch;
  • For example, on day 2, take two teaspoons, day 3, take three teaspoons, and so on;
  • Likewise, increase Butyrate capsules, 1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch, until you reach 5;
  • Continue ramp until day 7 or until diarrhea occurs;
  • If you make day 7 without diarrhea, you consider yourself clean.

Agressive Cleanse

  • Diarrhea indicates your body is dumping toxins;
  • Do not continue to increase levels after diarrhea occurs;
  • For an agressive cleasne, continue at the current levels for one week;
  • For a less agressive cleanse, reduce EPL/Butyrate levels by 1/4, and continue for 2 weeks.

Detox Duration

The length of the detox will depend on the amount of accumulated toxins. Most individuals will complete detox within a week, others may requrie more time, up to two weeks.

Detox Recess

We reccomend a break after one week. Prolonged elevated bowel flow depletes essential reserves. Stop taking Butyrate and EPL six days after diarrhea starts.

Detox Restart

Take one week off. This break enables the body to restore depleted reserves.

When you restart, resume the titration at the levels which resulted in detox. Continue daily increase in levels until one week, or when detox symptoms resume.

If diarrhea returns, we recommend reduction of EPL/Butyrate by 1/4, (for example drop from eight teaspoons to six), and continue at this livel for two weeks to resume after the detox break.


Diarrhea drains electrolytes. Do not restrict salt during this period. Consume foods high in minerals:

  • Highly colored vegetable juices,carrot/ beet/celery is very palatable once or twice daily;
  • Green Drink, including chorella;
  • Meals to palate with salt to taste;
  • Fluids, particlarly water.


EPL and Butyrate work together. The EPL is an emulsifer, and enables cells to turnover deep toxins. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid which breaks renegade lipids (Patricia Kane) into components which the body can discard.

This combination is radically and rapidly effective at enabling the body to discard deep cellular toxins.

There is virtually no toxicity with EPL. A healthy person with no stored toxins will exprience virtually no detox reaction. Most can tolerate 9 teaspoons, or 3 TBSP with little effect. Healthy inviduals can tolerate large amounts of EPL without an adverse experience.

If you feel bad during this program, it is a blessing. Most emerge with substantially improved prognosis, and improved quality of life.


EPL supplements are a gel. While they don't taste bad, swallowing a gel with neutral taste is unpleasant for most.

Put 1 inch of clamato juice in a glass. Add EPL, stir with spoon very gently, about 3 swipes. The stirring pulls the EPL into strands in the mixture.

Drink the mixture. Clamato tastes good to most, has some salt and a little spice, and suspends the gel. Most report that EPL taken this way is hardly noticeable.


This program is seldom used alone. It is usually combined with one or more of the following:

Energetic supports often are very helpful in accelerating recovery and detox. These links provide more information on these tools:

  • PEMF - improves cellular resistance to pathogens and lifts immunological function;
  • Beta Hormesis - reduces inflammatory markers and opposes pathogens.


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