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EPL is essential phospholipids.  These are important building materials for cell membranes. 

EPL supplements are bubbles structured as a bilayer membrane.  When an EPL contains a supplement, like Vitamin C, the supplement is encapsulated inside the bubble.

When these bubbles enter the stomach, they resist acid breakdown.  When they enter the duodenum, they trigger bile release, and serve as an emulsifier, as well as stimulate the liver to release extra bile. As a result they are helpful to stimulate bile flow and detoxification. 

 In the intestines, the EPL capsules are admitted to the bloodstream immediately without digestions.  This means that the encapsulated substances do not digest.  Encapsulated EPL supplements enter the bloodstream and remain wrapped in these bubbles.

The digestive system is connected to the Portal vein, which splits and approximately 80% of the blood goes to the liver. In other words, 80% of all digested material goes straight to the liver.  This is true for both EPL and any encapsulated material.

EPLs are absorbed by cells when the cell membrane adsorbs the EPL bubble.  This means that the EPL payload, if any, is inserted into the cell.  Moreover, the EPL becomes part of the cell membrane of the absorbing cell.  This dual benefit because the EPL’s serve to strengthen and improve the health of any cell they encounter.

EPLs are liver beneficial several ways:

1.       They trigger bile flow which helps the liver release toxins

2.       They help emulsify fats for digestion

3.       When absorbed, a large percentage becomes available to grow liver cells

4.       When absorbed a large percentage of EPL encapsulated supplements, are delivered directly to liver cells.

We generally use EPLs with bile flow supplements which help to thin bile so that it can more easily go around obstructions in the bile path.

Our EPL supplements are gels.  Gels are generally not pleasant to taste.  The following tips help to get them down:

·         Take them with a little juice or water. Clamato Juice works very well.

·         Stir only a little so that the gel strands and suspends in the fluid but does not mix

·         Swallow quickly so it seems like a drink of water

·         Clamato juice is very good with Myers Cocktails and other EPL formulas. 

EPLs cause some people, particularly with long-term lymphatic toxicity to have loose stools.  If you get diarrhea when using EPLs, this is good, although inconvenient, news.  Loose stools or diarrhea usually result when the toxins, formerly resident in the lymphatic system begin to flow to the liver.  When these drop into the digestive system, the digestive system recognizes them as significant toxins, and expedites their exit usually resulting in both flow, and urgency.

If you get diarrhea, then:

1.       Split your EPL into three servings with meals

2.       If splitting doesn’t reduce bowel flow, then reduce the dosage to ½

3.       Don’t panic and don’t stop – it is working and you are getting a response which will benefit you significantly in the long term

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