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Pancreatic Enzyme Detox

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Enzyme Pathogen Detox Detox

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Click here for a discussion of pancreatic enzymes as used for digestion and background.

Unit Purpose
Protease and Lipase
Grams Empty stomach to aid systemic toxicity by acting outside digestive system.

This table suggests use of high doses of enzymes to aid in systemic detoxification. The enzymes are taken on an empty stomach.


Dr. Donald Kelley pioneered the use of pancreatic enzymes as an adjunctive therapy for cancer. Click here for his free online book.

He observed that pancreatic enzymes played a significant role outside the gut in systemic detoxification.

Enzymes in significant supply are immunologically active. They assert digestive pressure on anaerobic, sugar-only eating, organisms which tend to develop in the body. Anaerobic, or fermenting organisms, have a exterior coating which is different from the body's cells which aids their metabolism.

Organisms are often described by the way in which they polarize light, laevorotatory, and dextrorotary , which respectively reflect the anaerobic versus aerobic metabolism of the organism. Immunologically active enzymes act preferentially on the anaerobic organisms digesting the silomucanous, or waxy, coating, exposing the core of the organism to the immune system.

Pregnancy is an exception to this rule. An early fetus is an anaerobic organism, protected by a wax coat. The body suppresses the pancreas during early pregnancy to prevent digestion of the wax coat protecting the fetus until the fetus transforms from a fermenting anaerobe to a mature oxidative metabolism. This is why disrupted digestion accompanies the first trimester of pregnancy.

When these organisms grow out of control, they disrupt health. Dr. Kelley identified cancer as one a major member of this type of organism.

Using enzymes for Detoxification

Enzymes taken on an empty stomach, do not participate in digestion because there is no food present. A percentage of these, which act specifically on anaerobic organisms, are selectively absorbed into the bloodstream and circulate in the body.

These enzymes preferentially target, and breakdown, the shields that many pathogenic organisms use to hide from the immune system.

Taking Enzymes

Detoxification enzymes are always taken on an empty stomach. This is usually on waking and before bed. They are taken in large quantities, usually with 4 or more very potent tablets, enabling as much as possible of the systemically active form to enter the bloodstream and and to act in the absence of food on whatever pathogens may be present.

Never take enzymes after a meal.

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