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Flash Detoxification

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Flash Detoxification

Hangovers result from overconsumption of alcohol or other toxic substances.

This program is uses flash detoxification to accelerate elimination of toxic metabolic antagonists. This program accelerates recovery from toxic exposure. For example, hangovers resolve within an hour.

Nutrient Recipes
6 Beet Flow or 12 Betafood
Thins bile to enable bile flow

900 mg Choline

Causes gall bladder to release
PEMF Torso Wrap - 15 minutes
Mobilizes bile and activates liver detoxification
1 oz Shark liver oil / 16 Ecomer Capsules
Triggers bile release and chelates toxins
Oral Myers Cocktail
Supplies broad spectrum B vitamins. Triggers bile release.
Acid Depletion Stress Salt
Triggers bile release and restores electrolytes
2-5 Glasses Water
Restores hydration

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