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Glucogenic Mineral Replacement

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Glucongenic Mineral Replacement


This program is designed to aid restoration of normal gluose regulation in individuals with accumulated heavy metals.

These individuals usually experience hypoglycemic symptoms while having normal or elevated fasting glucose levels. Symptoms result when heavy metals replace lighter ones in cellular components associate with glucose regulation. In simple terms, "glucose response" is "sluggish" because the heavier elements are less responsive, and higher levels of glucose, and more insulin is required to enable the cells to absorb sugars.


In most cases, a hair mineral analysis will indicate elevated levels of one or more metals. The goal is to assure availability of proper replacment mineral as the "toxic" metal is removed, enabling the cell to have the proper replacement. Spectral minerals as in fulvic acid, or colloidal minerals, provide biologically optimal formulations which do not easily bind to with Alkoxyglycerols.

  • Symptoms of Hypoglycemia - headache, fatigue
  • Normal or elevated glucose
  • At the same time
  • Elevated metal toxins in hair/urine/saliva tests

Common Cause

The indications often occur when cellular parasites are present. These organisms enable accumulation of metal toxins, either by swamping detoxification pathways, or directly producing them.

Here is video of typical organism which accompanies accumulation.



The protocol combines replacement of minerals and heavy metal detoxification -- at the same time.

When the body lacks the appropriate minerals, cells will substitute heavier elements, including toxic metals, to replace lighter missing minerals. Substitutions are indicated the outer electron shells, becaues elements in columns of the periodic table have similar chemical properties. In this case, Uranium, is often substituted for Chromium.

The recommended incoming minerals should be chelated, or colloidal to avoid binding with the detoxificaiton agent.

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Form Purpose
2 cc on empty stomach
  Detoxify metals integrated into cellular structures.
Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg       Replacement for heavy metals.
Colloidal Minerals 2 Grams with food       Provides spectrum minerals bound to phosphate. With Food. Acid is required
Betaine   Acid is required to ionize minerals during digestion to enable absorption.


The Glucogenic Mineral Replacement Kit is available to members only on our sponsor website.


Energetic supports often are very helpful in accelerating recovery and detox. These links provide more information on these tools:

  • PEMF - improves cellular resistance to pathogens and lifts immunological function, supports cellular mineral absorption;;
  • Beta Hormesis - reduces inflammatory markers and opposes pathogens.
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