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Lipophilic Detoxification

This program has been Upgraded to PC Detox.

Your body is made by cells. Molecular fats or lipids are essential to cell biology and structure. Most, if not all essential cellular structures rely on lipids for some aspect of function or structure. Lipids and water are the chemical basis of human life.

Lipos is Greek for fat. Over the past fifty or so years widespread and deceptive, and defamatory information regarding the bio-essential lipids has been pervasive in popular media and medical culture. People have become afraid of dietary fat often with serious results. Fat is a huge topic, and we’re only going to talk about a small area of lipid chemistry.

There are two general kinds of toxin identified by their solubility. Solubility is a result of molecular electrical properties that derive from the chemical structure:

  • Hydrophilic – are water soluble. Hydrophilic toxins are more easily disposed by the body because the body absorbs and releases water in large quantities. This turnover enables the body to dispose of water soluble toxins quite readily;
  • Lipophilic – are fat soluble. Lipophilic toxins are much more difficult to dispose because the body retains fat because it is so important to life. Lipid or fat turnover is inhibited because fat is both an essential building material, and a preferred energy source. Waste fat is burned for energy, stored as essential reserves, and finally used to absorb more fat.

Contrary to popular belief, our bodies are able to dispose of lipophilic toxins under the appropriate conditions. Unfortunately due to widespread lipophilic, these conditions are unpopular in medical dogma, popular press and fad-diet literature.

DDT, Dioxin, and Agent Orange are lipophilic toxins. They pollute the lipids or fats in your body and make you sick. Toxins stored in fats are difficult to release. Most treatments make symptoms worse.

Our use of term lipophilic toxin throughout this document, refers to the a spectrum of toxins including Dioxin, Agent Orange, and all of the Agent colors used during the Vietnam war as defoliants. Generally these toxins share a chemical structure of two benzene rings, chlorine molecules on the end with oxygen molecules between the benzene rings.

Since plants have much less fat than humans, a very small amount of lipophilic toxin is fatal to plants because a small amount of poison fatally damages the plant’s metabolism. This is why they are effective defoliants and kill plants more quickly than animals.

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