Liver Pathogen Detox

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Liver Pathogen Detox

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Many infections attack the liver. They suppress liver function and undermine systemic health in a variety of ways. Also See Hepatitis HowTo.

This program is designed to support liver cellular detoxification and immunological hepatic response, which improves the whole body detoxification and immune capability. The program uses substances which present no toxicity, and which infrequently trigger a systemic detox crisis, or Herxheimer's reaction.

Conditions which resist immunological intervention often have a cellular liver dysfunction as a cofactor. The immune response becomes limited by the livers ability to discard toxins, because the liver itself is infected. This program combines a series of nutrients which are strongly immune supportive and liver protective to give the liver an often needed head start in recovery process.


The protocol is fairly simple and amounts to taking a collection of liver supporting supplements at the same time.

The table suggests spreading the amounts over the day. For convenience midday doses can be taken with breakfast and dinner. Alkoxyglycerols, should be taken on an empty stomach, at waking and bedtime or at least 30 minutes before a meal.

If you are on an accelerated program, you will have something like a 1x or a 2x, depending on the perceived severity, and the number of other supporting protocols you are implementing.

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Form Purpose
Mushroom Heteropolysaccharides 1 1 1 Capsules Imroves immune system performance, and broadly helps to oppose Cell Wall Deficient pathogenic forms, bacteria and fungus.
Transfer Factors / Colostrums 1 1 1 Capsules Colostrums provide immune targeting molecules which help the immune system identify pathogens and pathogen affected cells.
Silymarin 2 2 2 Capsules Milk thistle provides strong antixoidant and hepato-protective support for liver cells.
Alkoxyglycerols 2 2 2 Capsules Shark liver oil wraps heavy metal toxins and enables safe and large scale elimination without exposing kidney or liver cells to toxic release. It protects the liver from any toxins which may be mobilized during healing.


This program is seldom used alone. It is usually combined with one or more of the following:

Energetic supports often are very helpful in accelerating recovery and detox. These links provide more information on these tools:

  • PEMF - improves cellular resistance to pathogens and lifts immunological function;
  • Beta Hormesis - reduces inflammatory markers and opposes pathogens.
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