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Mitochondria are the power plants in our cells. They convert food into energy.

MitoNRG is a mitochondrial supplement. It provides nutrients in special form which can reach and support mitochondrial function. Vitamins are bound to phosphate which are highly available to support mitochondrial energy production.

MitoNRG is a powder supplement which is mixed in water. It comes in large containers with a scoop.

Mixing Instructions

  • Pour 1 scoop into 16 oz glass of water;
  • Drink water;
  • Water can be mixed up to 48 hours in advance.

It contains phosphated B vitamins. Phosphated vitamins areThis protocol is designed resolve the appearance of a shingles lesions. This technique is repeatedly effective, typically preventing appearance of lesions, when applied at first sign, altogether.

This recipe makes MitoNRG very palatable:

Mito Dew Soft Drink

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