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Morgellons ePad Research

We have received reports that hormetic ePads provide durable symptomatic relief for individuals diagnosed with "Morgellons" syndrome. We are sponsoring a confirmation trial for ten individuals. Participant requirements:

  1. Provide before, during and after digital photographs of lesions;
  2. Grant us permission to use these photographs;
  3. Sign an informed consent for use of experimental technology;
  4. Use pads as directed on lesion areas;
  5. Contact Us

ePads may be pinned or stitched inside clothing, or held in place with a cloth or ace bandage. The pads retain their potency for over 100 years, and are durable and washable. They are designed so that a single 3 by 5 inch pad should serve a lifetime.

Users report new or shallow lesions resolving quickly with a single three day applicaiton. Long-term, 8 year, lesions required up to five three day exposures over a month to clear.

ePad hormetic bandages emit electrons which appear to disrupt the lifecycle of a wide range of pathogenic organisms. Morgellons syndrome strongly resembles other conditions caused by Cell Wall Deficient, CWD, pathogens forms which morph from spore into active forms. Gestation of CWDs involves intermediary forms which appear vulnerable to lifecycle disruption by ePad emissions.

Exposure appears to disrupt the incubation and reproduction of pathogens into acute symptomatic forms. Polymorphic constraint reduces appearance of skin lesions and fibrous artifacts apparently by interfering with lipid building materials used by the organisms to morph into acute forms.

The presentation below suggests mechanisms for this action, with elevated lipid conjugation, and peroxidation, during incubation while the pathogens are more vulnerable.

This presentation describes the ePad technology and suggests several reasons why we think it works. Find ePad Products, or contact us. ePads are an experimental technology, and are not covered by insurance.

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