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Anabolic Diet Recommendations

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These recipes support anabolic metabolisms. Anabolic deplete metabolism has deficient cellular rest and recovery performance. Note use of UFAs to intervene in anabolic imbalance is a short term solution. See Revici.

Avoid List:

  • Vegetable Oil Fried food is as bad as it gets. Frying oxidizes UFAs which are already bad.
  • Fermented foods, yogurt, sauerkraut, soy sauce, alcoholic beverages, vinegar, buttermilk, etc.
  • Butter, cream cheese (sterols) which contribute to rigid cell membranes
  • Sugar
  • Tea, coffee, chocolate
  • Pears & horseradish
  • Hated water, distilled water, Free/ungrouped water molecules
  • Eggs in moderation nly
  • Salt in moderation only (preferably with Magnesium thiosulfate)
  • Vegetables oils other than olive oil.

Okay List:

  • Garlic as a sulfur and selenium source
  • Nuts Seeds Avacados
  • Vegetable oils - unheated are okay
  • Fish oils
  • Natural spring/well water & ice-water with grouping of water molecules
  • Fish
  • Eggs in moderation (poached, boiled, raw, but NOT fried);
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