Catabolic Food Guide

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Catabolic Food Guide

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These recipes support anabolic deplete metabolisms. Anabolic deplete metabolism has deficient cellular rest and recovery performance.

Avoid List:

  • Vegetable Oil Fried food is as bad as it gets. Frying oxidizes UFAs which are already bad.
  • Fish oils should be avoided.
  • Fried food should be avoided
  • Preserved meat and fish (tuna) should be avoided)
  • UFAs are detrimental because cell membranes are already too loose. Popular oils, Fish oil, Flax Oil etc. tend to be used in detrimental quantities. Limit UFAs to 10% of Dietary saturated fat.

Good List:

  • Eggs (poached, boiled, raw, but NOT fried);
  • Cheese
  • Meat fish foul (not FRIED), as rare as tolerable;
  • Sterols, butter, lard, coconut oil are good. Cholesterol rich foods without sugar are good.
  • Vegetable oils are bad (Except olive oil in moderation)
  • Avoid processed meat
  • Nuts and seeds have lots of UFAs and merit strong moderation
Nutrient Recipes
Egg yolks are high in lecithin and cholesterol.

Raw, as eggnog, or soft boiled.

Butter, Cream, Cheese

Butyrate aids in detoxification, and Cholesterol aids restoring integrity to cell membranes.n

Raw products are preferable. Highest in fat and low in carbohydrate.

Dried Beans Pro anabolic provided digestive system is able to digest complex carbohydrates Do Not Fry in UFAs.
Meat/Fish/Fowl Contains animal fat with cholesterol. Do not fry in UFAs.
Grains Raw milled Avoid processed & bleached flours
Vegetables and Vegetable Juices Specrum minerals. Vegetable juices are high in antioxidants and moderate in sugar.
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