Seizure Remediation Circuit

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Seizure Mediation Circuit


Frank Hartman describes what appears to be a seizure mediation method using a simple electrical jumper.

In similar research Roger Callahan describe experiments where skin voltages are predictive of inhibited healing. Areas under "Polarity Reversal" show inhibited healing. Therapies which "fix" the reversal enable natural healing.

The electrical disturbances which result in seizures often present as skin voltage irregularities which can be measured as elevated or inverted / elevated voltage. Anomalous readings suggest increased seizure probability.

Hartman asserts that interventions which neutralize the electrical disturbance on the skin can be helpful in preventing or reducing the severity of the seizures.

This Below are methods to measure and neutralize as likelihood of a seizure reflected excess electric (negative - According to Callahan) potential between the hand and forehead.

To measure the voltage:

  • Set the voltmeter to DC;
  • Put the black (negative lead) on the pad of the thumb;
  • Place the red lead in the center of the forehead;
  • Measure the voltage;
  • If the voltage is negative, shows a minus sign, then a jumper may be helpful to neutralize the electrical disturbance which contributes to the seizures.
  • See Images below for circuit.

Roger Callahan determined the "Polarity Reversal" which correlates with this information. The circuit illustrated neutralizes the polarity and may be helpful to moderate seizures.

This page is an experimenters guide to determination if seizures can be predicted or managed by electric circuits.


  1. Seizure probability is elevated when the voltage between the forehead and the palm of hand is elevated
  2. Seizure can be moderated by electrically connecting the forehead and clavicle.

Illustration of forehead lead connection.


Illustration of clavicle lead connection.


Illustration of voltage reading from head to clavicle reading. (Note research indicated the test voltage was from palm to forehead, not pictured.


Illustration of voltmeter settings and a voltage registered between the test points.


Illustration of jumper position reported to moderate seizures.

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