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Spider Bite Treatment

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Spider Bite Treatment

This protocol is designed to address the noxious and necrotic tendency of spider bites. Spiders present complex toxins which are parasitic in nature. The tendency for deep persistent lesions with a characteristic deep, expanding lesion.

Slow recovery with acute local and often systemic symptoms is typical. ePads disable the necrotizing (flesh eating) toxins which develop from a small/minor lesion to serious condition. ePads are reusable and are significant benefit in many pathogen related conditions:

Use of an ePad with a Brown Recluse spider bite, illustrates avoidance of most discomfort and necrotic tendencies with the lesion. Recovery was about like a mosquito bite.

  • Penny sized lesion
  • Slight redness
  • Minor itching
  • Resolved completely in 48 hours

Results likely occur because the ePads inhibit gestation of pathogenic organisms present in the spider venom. This limitation significantly limits the effects of the parasitic organism forms which produce acute symptoms and eventually necrosis..

This example used an ePad at bedtime for two nights after the bite. These photos show a near absence of necrosis rapid recovery with only minor itching during the day.

Initial Lesion at 8 Hours after ePad application Spider Bite 8 hours
Lesion Showing ePad Used
Lesion at 36 hours Barely Visible
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