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Chlorine Titration Experiences/Experiments

Spectral Mix, KCl, MgCl, ACl, ATh, 700 mg each

We have additional significant analysis of how stress adversely affects health. These resources provide a much deeper analysis of the physical nature of stress, and how to restore stress-related damage:

Used 700 mg each KCl, MgCl, NH4C l(ACl), & Ammonium Thoisulfate (ATH), 700 mg each. This experiment targeted determination of inclusion of Magnesium Chloride into the mix. Generally MgCl and KCl together seem to produce a strong and persistent alkali tendency.


  1. Produced strong alkali trend in urine and saliva indiciative of systemic alkalosis. Urinary pH ranged from 6.2 to 6.6 for over 24 hours. Saliva pH ranged from 7 to 8.4.
  2. Urine conductivity was elevated throughout day, as expected with this level of salt intake. Just before bedtime, UmS decreased to 5.2 ms from over 20.
  3. Very tired at end of day. Slept very well.
  4. Took all salts at once. Result was stomach discomfort which persisted for about 1 hour. Likely too much salt at once stressed stomach.
  5. Sense of well being was compromised throughout day was limited. Felt a bit draggy. Experienced minor muscule cramps in legs in evening including movement discomfort in right hip. Neck and shoulders were sore also.
  6. Urine was very yellow all day. Likely indicating elevated toxin release in urine.
  7. Following Day
  1. Neck discomfort persisting. Minor hip discomfort.
  2. 8:00 am Significant residual Alkalosis. UpH 6.6 / SpH 8.5. Responded with Ammonium Phosphate to bring numbers toward normal range. Alkalosis confirmed due to response to acid buffers (even though pH meter was about to fail(
  3. 9:00 a.m. Neck discomfort eased released after Ammonium Phosphate. Urine in alkaline tide after breakfast/coffee (7.5 pH) but systemic alkolosis symptoms appear to have reduced.
  4. 10:00 am. Took 2 more Ammonium Phosphate capsules. Bile released and had detox stool 2x. Response suggests alkali overload limited liver release. Acid enabled neutralization, so withheld liver contents released. Feeling quite good now. All aches in hips/neck/etc are gone.
  5. Tended toward Alkalosis until evening. 4 betaine used to aid digestion.
  6. Smoked part of a cigar. Significant increase to resonse to nicotine -- suggests reduced resistance to effects of nicotine. Observation consistent with "anti-fatty acid" detoxification method suggested by Revici. The heme evidenced by prolonged dark urine suggests that erythrocytic release of AUFAs is incomlete and drives elevated breakdown of RBCs, increasing turnover, and indicatoins thereof.

pH Meter Failure

Experiment ended when pH meter unreasonably for successive readings and neutral substances. Tested with acetic acid. The pH meters became biased very alkali. Meter failure was duplicated with a second meter which failed similarly, showing very alkali reading, 8+ within the first reading.

pH Meter Failed - and second meter failed. This likely reflects detoxification of flourine as HFl. Hydrofluoric acid dissolves glass. Meter failure likely resulted from etching of ion channels in the meter. The urine HFl content apparently concentrated enough to destroy the meter within 60 seconds of exposure.

The probabe explanation is that I was releasing enough Hydrofluoric acid to damage the probes. The HFl likely etched the ion channels in the probe and ruined them.

ACl + ATh, 700 mg each

This protocol is a balanced acid protocol. Use of this protocol created a tendency for acidosis which persisted into the next day. Next day used 2 tsp of Magnesium carbonate. Recovery was rapid. Felt great all day.

Following day acidosis indications persisted in urine, mildly fatigured. Took Magnesium Carbonate, 2 tsp to neurtralize acid. Energy returned to normal. Felt very good all day.



  1. Produce a tendency to vary from alkalosis to acidosis. UpH ran from the low 5's and saliva pH was in the upper sixes.
  2. Felt energized and had good energy throughout day.
  3. Felt "trim" and like was losing weight.
  4. Initial dose created stomach discomfort, likely indicating salt overload in one dose.
  5. Try protocol absent KCl.


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