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These guides provide usage advise independent integrated use of energetic devices and various supplements. Visit the Recipe Page for flavorful ways to take supplements.

We have added blogs to the more popular protocol modules. Visit our Blog Tutorial Page.

PEMF Protocols

PEMF Various methods for PEMF devices
Anabolic Repair Nutrient and Energetic program to support natural sleep and healing.
PEMF Pelvic Rotation Pelvic rotation Plus PEMF method for sciatica, back & neck

Digestive Protocols

Betaine HCL Increase Stomach Acid for improved digestion
Gut Flora Repopulation
Re-seed gut after resolution of digestive trauma.
Stress Detox
Stress depletes stomach acid chlorides resulting in chronic loss of stomach acid and lesions on the small intestines.
GI Cocktail - Gut Bugs Treat digestive infection, food poisoning, stomach flu, etc.
Pancreatic Enzymes Use of Pancreatic enzymes to aid digestion.
Vitamin C Bowel Flush Use Vitamin C for temporary Constipation relief

Metabolic Protocols

PC Detox Systemic lipid detoxification protocol for many toxic syndromes.
Energetic Insulin Resistance System to restore insulin performance.
Hypotension Integrated protocol to restore/maintain vascular performance.
Stress Detox Use metabolic acids and catalysts to detox stress chemistry.
pH Pain Titration Evaluate whether symptoms are acid/alkali influenced
Dysaerobic Titration Compensate for acute degenerative stress.
Lymphatic Urea Detox Removes elevated levels of Urea from lymph and blood.
Deep Cell Detox Use EPL and Butyrate to deep cleanse cells.
Myer's Critical Care Extreme oral antioxidant detox protocol.
Lipophilic Detox Elimination of industrial fat soluble toxins
Zeta Detoxification Method to reduce soluble salts in blood.

Oxygen Multistep Protocols

Hypotension / Low BP Niacin therapy to permanently resolve Low Blood pressure.
Immune Enhancement Increases lymphocyte count 17% in 1 hour.
Respiratory Distress Restores respiratory performance with respiratory failure. Respiratory Failure/Coma/COPD/etc.
Systemic Hyperthermia Systemic hyperthermia with oxygen and heat.
Health Maintenance Low effort low cost maintenance program.
15 min Quick Procedure Intense 15 minute program to optimize metabolic oxygen performance.
High Blood Pressure / Hypertension Repetitive light stress to stimulate vascular repair over time.
Hyperthermia Aided Localized Healing Restores local circulation limited by tissue trauma.
Respiratory Distress Respiratory Failure/Coma/COPD/etc.
Altitude Contrast Training for Athletic Performance Quickly restores and maintains systemic micro vascular performance in able bodied individuals.
Low Cost Maintenance Interval rest / exercise to restore and maintain micro vascular performance.
Injury - Oxysock Use PEMF, heat and exercise to reverse local circulator limitations to optimize healing.


Addiction Resolution

Substance Addiction 48 hour system to resolve addiction to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, crack, etc.
Nicotine System model to resolve nicotine/cigarette addiction.
Alcohol Resolve physical alcohol addiction.
Opiate, Heroin, Oxycontin, etc Resolve opiate derivative addiction.
Crack Cocaine Under Development. Contact us for more information.
Methamphetimine Under Development. Contact us for more information.

Pathogen Detoxification

Hepatitis B & C Tutorial. Immunological Protocol for All Hepatitis strains.
Liver Flow Detox Aids in liver congestion due to bile thickening.
Liver Cell Detox
Support liver cellular performance.
Liver Pathogen Detox Liver Infectious Detox
Viral Symptom Neutralization Reduce cold/flu symptoms with acid
Foot Fungus Oppose foot fungus.
Pancreatic Enzyme Detox Usage of pancreatic enzymes to digest systemic pathogens.
Glycogenic Mineral Replacement System for replacement of heavy metals which interfere with glucose metabolism.>
Nitrate Urea Detox Reduction of nitrate urea
Ammonium Urea Detox Reduction of ammonium urea
Bloodroot Reduction of blood thallus artifacts and cellular masses
Lyme Disease Resource page for Lyme Disease
Cellular Parasites Strategy for lifecycle of cellular parasites

Taking Substances

EPL Products Consumption and titration for phospholipids & Myer's Cocktails

Acute/Severe Conditions

Injury Recovery Optimize healing for structural injury
Stroke Rehab Support stroke recovery
Acute Malignancy Emergency Salvage for acute malignancy
Agent Orange Detoxification for organophosphate exposure.
General Liver General Liver Detox Protocol
SCLC Advanced protocol for SCLC
ALS Integrated pathogenic, detoxification energetic protocol.
Hair Loss Condition specific supplement strategy for hair loss.
Juvenile Eczema Dietary Strategy for treating childhood eczema.
Uterine Fibroids Integrated model for elimination of uterine fibroids.
Shingles Lesion Resolve shingles lesions with ePad.
Flash Detox Rapid method to detoxify from toxic substance exposure (Hangover)
Spider Bite Treatment of Brown Recluse spider bite with ePad
Thought Field Therapy Treatment of emotional & physical issues with gentle Energy
Seizure Mediation Circuit A predictive measurement method and passive circuit reported to reduce seizure frequency/severity.

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